JUDr. Dalibor Gruza Ph.D.

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„All living creatures in fact mostly want to live in a world, where everyone likes each other, therefore everyone is still obliged to cause the least possible death and pain." All the rest consists more in views (speculations).

July 27, 2020 According to a critic of my Philosophy of Balance I am a refined man, because, although I write about the sovereign rule of charity in the world, so I do not believe in it myself. To my objection that I currently believe in this charity about 51%, this critic told me that I believe in it about 20% and no one else believes in it. According to another critic, the Christianity is allegedly a merciful lie.

July 23, 2020 The command to beget and multiply from the Bible is valid only as in the Biblical paradise, where God forbade the killing of any animal (Genesis 1: 28-30), if the State-guaranteed merciful meat from carrions of animals (e.g. after veterinary autopsy and boiled in several waters) is sold in mainstream shops. Meat is necessary as food for both mother and child. Otherwise, it depends on the specific situation, virtually the  immunity of a human (health, social, financial, etc.) against the revenge for death and pain especially of people and animals, if he or she has children, who will eat killed animals, or on the contrary he or she lives a merciful life in relative poverty and modesty without a wife and children because of Biblical paradise in the world, i.e. the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:12). The command to beget and multiply to Biblical Noah after the world flood, when the God allowed Noah and his descendants to eat also animals, was only time conditioned, because here in the Bible the God made a contract with Noah that he would no longer destroy the world by flood, but it is not mentioned here that the God will not destroy the world by fire, e.g. by atomic war (Genesis 9: 1-17).

July 22, 2020 According to Judaism, Darwinism (Friedrich Nietzsche) and the general opinion the leader must be a strong fighter to survive the frustration of death and pain. Strong fighters have allegedly the greatest visible successes against death and pain, gaining one leading position after another and doing so for the secret services. According to them, weak fighters can only be slaves or vagabonds, if they are no longer children (see “Waiting for Godot”, virtually Christian God). According to my Philosophy of Balance, the most successful leader against death and pain can be also a weak fighter, if he or she rationalizes in the right way the frustration of death and pain, but I still lack proof of this in the form of visible great success, on which a possible proof of my Philosophy of Balance would be based. The decision always to cause the least possible death and pain is largely moral voluntary decision of each individual human being at present time (from my life at least 51 percent sure, when the unsolvable is not necessary to solve).

Hustopeče, Czech Republic, own expense, Copyleft 2020