Dedicated to the memory of my dog Good-a good Christian because with my help he was charitable (only a vegetarian and in extreme need a scavenger)

JUDr. Dalibor Grůza Ph.D.


„All living creatures in fact mostly want to live in a world, where everyone likes each other, therefore everyone is still obliged to cause the least possible death and pain." All the rest consists more in views (speculations).

Problem is if the substance of nature (charity or, on the contrary, predation) enables generally to return charitable action for charitable action.
atom If also for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children the eating from dead animals of only medically guaranteed carrions of animals (eg after veterinary autopsy and boiled in several waters in a pot under the lid), which have on principle died of old age, possibly also slaughter tax as a punishment for violating this, will not be enacted by law as the now permission of sale in usual shops and, in the future with the exception of extreme need, consistently enforced, which now seems very probable, so that orthodox Muslims, whose religion forbids them to eat carrions, become unorthodox Muslims, then otherwise these orthodox Muslims will apparently soon start an atomic third world war, but I hope, that before it I will die.
Fasting foodstuffs now even for children are fish and poultry (Jewish Gefilte fish and also Shabbat duck with tscholent-legumes, or Christian fasting fish and also fasting duck) and as to me only under condition of not young-animals and of their merciful, virtually at least contemporary organic farming and also of their merciful slaughter, but it is better to eat their carrions. Fasting is food restricting, which shall have biggest positive benefit for society of live creatures and for the fasting individuals.
נוצרים לא יכולים לאכול ולשלם מרצון בשר של שחיטה כשרה או חלאלית שזאת מצוה ליהודים ולמוסלמים ושזאת אכזריות גדולה, חוץ מצורך קיצוני. זה רוע גדול של הנוצרים לעבור ליהדות או לאסלאם, כי מניסיוני, בני אדם כאוכלי הכל צריכים לאכול כמות קטנה של בשר. נוצרים סודיים יכולים לאכול בשר כשר/חלאלי בצורך קיצוני. רומואלד יעקב וקסלר-וסקינל כניצול שואה, כומר לשעבר קתולי פולני, יהודי שהתגייר מחדש. מחבר: דליבור גרוזה. Christians cannot voluntarily eat and pay meat from the Jews- and Muslims-forced very torturous kosher, virtually halal slaughters except for extreme need. It's big evil for Christians to convert to Judaism or Islam, because in my experience humans as omnivores must eat small amount of meat. It is allowed for secret Christians to eat kosher/halal meat in extreme need. Romuald Jakub Weksler-Waskinel as Holocaust survivor, Polish Catholic ex-priest, a re-converted Jew. Author: Dalibor Grůza
also SCIENCE KOSHER+HALAL (detail: HTML , PDF ):          
(Sin) I've no children. Because I expect atomic war if and because our society won't be more charitable, now mainly in relation to animals. Every uncharitable civilization in Universe which succeeded in realizing explosions as in Cosmic stars became extinct in atomic wars, therefore now there is apparently no other Cosmic civilization within our reach except humanity (Fermi paradox). Sin to have freezer, yet to murder animals. (terribly vs. T.Aquinas, Summa contra Gentiles, book three, 112)
23.10, 2022 3:37:30odpol. If also for children and women the eating from dead animals of only medically guaranteed carrions of animals (eg after veterinary autopsy and boiled in several waters in a pot under the lid), which have on principle died of old age, possibly also slaughter tax as a punishment for violating this, will not be enacted by law and, with the exception of extreme need, consistently enforced, so in Israel or through Israel one will apparently soon start an atomic third world war, but I hope, that before it I will die mercifully. Bible, Matthew 24: 14-36, 15: 21-28
15.2, 2022 15:53:04 My Philosophy of Balance is secular exact science. My Philosophy of Balance (under license Creative commons, ie common creation) contains a large number of summaries of all kinds of texts. These summaries are intended for community of charitable living creatures. After studying basic rules of these summaries (see picture at the page top) within more or less number of these my individual summaries for understanding of practical application of these rules, really everyone can continue my secular philosophical work (of svodky*)
Philosophy theories should use exact (ie measurable) scientific terms, not philosophical abstract terms.
12.6, 2022 6:36:57 Sure charity(caritas)logy: the least possible death and pain at a certain point in time.  (Bible, Gen. 18:25, Prov. 10:2, 11:4, 1John 4:16) 09.06, 2022 23:48:47 counted mathematically charity as the lower limit of death and pain (ie least possible death and pain) at a certain point in time. 19.06, 2022 0:12:11 charity as reward, penalty cannot be proved. At least more merciful than most
13.02, 2022 2:36:08 I, communists, Jews, clerical fascists about human creation of paradise: Communism's paradise has Christian basis, it believed in realization of paradise through applied science, but rejected God as opium of masses.* Also Jews believe in scientific proof. So clerical fascists believe that dirty Jews crucified Jesus Christ.** But God is charity as valuable love***, ie in short the least possible death and pain, paradise can only be through a charity rational science, politics.
25.7, 2022 2:10:05 Catholic priest-modernist P.Teilhard de Chardin has little animal racism.* Consent: charity (perhaps as God spirit-invisible eternal substance) is present in matter, charity of all living creatures (perhaps as their God eternal souls-their invisible eternal substance) has its origin in evolution of matter, this charity is able to emerge from matter, presence of charity embryos from genesis of Universe and existence of this charity infinitely diffused in smallest particle.
22.07, 2022 9:22:02 Zoology according to Bible, where there are 3 kingdoms (evolutionary branches): 1) grass, 2) insect, 3) reptilian. Transliterated Biblia Hebraica, Genesis 9:3 kol-remes asher hu-hhai lakhem yihye leokhla keyerek esev natati lakhem et-kol (Every insect-/creeping-thing, this living, will be to you to meal as green grass, I gave /to/ you all). So, after the Biblical Flood, God possibly commanded people to eat meat, at least occasionally a little according to me ideally a carrion, all because people are omnivores.
21.6, 2014 23:48:23 The perfect living creature eats then only plant fruits and plant seeds from all living creatures. 28.9, 2021 5:03:14 Seeds of plants which can in big measure replace meat.
21.10, 2022 In ancient Sparta, warriors often ate a black soup. This broth was mixture of pig's blood, (for preservation:) vinegar and salt. Black soup could have been one of possible reasons for their higher height, strength compared to their neighbors, in addition to the murdered meat. Also Mongols as world ex-conquerors drink blood of cattle. Also snakes possibly drink blood. But to take the blood of an animal we don't need to murder it, ie not always against my Philosophy of Balance.*
01.02.2021 According to the Philosophy of Balance the snakes can be fed mercifully also by raw (without any chicken bodies, i.e. on principle unfertilized) eggs of different sizes of different birds so that for example, a young snake is capable to swallow this egg. Snakes eat eggs also in the wild nature.
20.4, 2022 15:03:39 Experiment: good feeding my dog from meat only a bit of naturally dead healthy hens, dog died as healthy in 14,5 years suddenly of heart failure (carrions food weight, medical record*), predator-leftist, philanthropist. Darwin: unmerciful conditions of species in evolution, the strongests, most resistants survived, not killing till allergic shock is predators liquidation, unsustainable now coexistence of human and nature, right-wing selection of fittests, liquidation of unsuccessfuls, weakers' not often death. * - : Medical documentation from 29.6.2021, attending veterinarian MVDr. Michal Vítek, - : Ráj začíná vědeckým pokusem na mé zahradě/Paradise begins with a scientific experiment in my garden, posts: Dalibor Grůza - 10/12/2010 :11:12:34, jrf - 10/12/2010 :12:27:25
 30.7, 2022 12:47:52 Depression(also post-coital testosterone-seeds decrease, equally in andropause or in karmic/postmeal stress) is solved in (also schizophrenic) mania by changing sex partners, physical training, antidepressants increase low testosterone level also in women, but have also its sedation effect less than antipsychotics(sedation-Valerian herb, antidelusions-plant seeds). Lasting stress is more medicines. Mainly charity(least death,pain-stress, not to eat killed animals) can be happy end.
16.11, 2022. 3 death ways: Sperm cells are regulated by testosterone regulated by archicortex (ie reptile-brain of human before death), Jew-snakes (not Jew-angels) are in hell of archicortex where 1)they eat weakest snakes in full consciousness (eg in war), 2)in case of opiates (morphine, Valerian herb) they eat weakest snakes half asleep, 3)it is best to cause the least death, pain, not to eat killed animals, when in hell they eat these after happy, long life weakest snakes died immediately of heart attack.
15.6, 2022 22:37:30 Czech democratic parties. Does any of you want to end ban on sale of medically guaranteed animal carrions, otherwise I don't vote in 2022, (eg after veterinary autopsy, boiled in several waters in pot under lid), dead mainly in old age, possibly slaughter tax. I vote for various democratic parties who betrayed me (also STAN). They wanted prey, not justice-charity(Bible,Gen.18:25,Prov.10:2,11:4, 1John 4:16)=least possible death and pain(Lot's family a charity vs. Sodom atom bomb). I request confirmation of delivery. With respect 15.6.2022 JUDr. Dalibor Grůza Ph.D.
King of world is at least about 51% by Jews a murderer principle , but by Christians a love principle. On the contrary I philosophically highly appreciate charitable Judaism and charitable Islam. (according to Darwinism and contemporary Orthodox Judaism the government of charity in nature /i.e. according to me the fateful duty of all living creatures to cause the least possible death and pain/ is merciful, nevertheless a lie, because a human being is a top carnivorous predator, but according to my Philosophy of Balance I believe that merciful truth is reign of Love in world who is present in Charity work of all alive)

Philosophy of Balance, for details in Czech and English see HERE : Orthodox Jews* are possibly snakes. Snakes are possibly Orthodox Jews*.

*Here Orthodox Jews are meant those who would never willingly eat carrions (of animals) as the current most merciful possible meat (e.g. after veterinary autopsy and boiled in several waters), which died of themselves on principle of old age, namely because of alleged (not charitable) ban of only one existing God (Bible: Leviticus 5: 2-19, Leviticus 11, Leviticus 17: 10-16, Leviticus 22: 1-16, Deuteronomy 14: 1-21, Judges 14: 5-20).

Definition of law. There are two theories: Firstly, that all living creatures are good in substance and they can cooperate. Or secondly on the contrary, that groups of living creatures fight unmercifully for life against each other. The first theory mentioned above: Biblical New Testament are morality commands, but Biblical Old Testament are sanctioned statute bans, both of which form the basis of any law. State law (ie persons in power) shall punish only big violations of law by punishments at a appropriate (ie legal, ie according to social contract) but lower (ie educational) punishment rate, where are unnecessarily very endangered life, health (both of which of human being but also of /higher evolutionary degree believed/ animal) (for these unlawful acts against the life and health of a human being with the highest permissible punishment of exactly same both life and health damage of human perpetrator, ie for example eye for eye) and property (by theft) (for these unlawful acts against the life and health of an animal and against property with the highest permissible punishment, that the human life and health are not seriously damaged). As to the legal proceedings, I believe that “Or there is nothing hidden that is not revealed; without it being so hidden that it will not come to light. (Bible of Kralice, New Testament, Mark 4, 22, Luke 8, 17), therefore between the judgment and the execution seriously damaging the convict's health imposed by this judgment and also between the judgment and the execution of the death penalty against the convict imposed by this judgment a relatively long period of time should elapse on principle. State shall have as few officials as possible, because non-big violations of the law should be left by State to solve through ordinary interpersonal relationships (ie horizontal justice).
Seeds of plants which can in big measure replace meat, are, for example, what is given from field grass into soil to grow new grass in field. On contrary the plant fruits, which are usually healthier than plant seeds, are for example, what grows on tree and both it is the rest of this fruit of plant and it can be eaten, before what we give the plant seed from this plant fruit into a soil to grow into new tree. (Bible, Gen 1,11 and Gen 1: 28-30)

(Also all snakes like.)


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gbunPolitical news
- PETITION for repeal of EU prohibition of sale of healthy guaranteed carrions in mainstream shops  

- PETITION for the adoption and draft of the LAW ON THE SLAUGHTER TAX


- decision of the judge-rapporteur Jiří Zemánek of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and constitutional complaint (see also below my articles from July 23, 2020 and June 30, 2020) about  the refusal of legal permission of sale of animal carrions as the current most merciful possible meat (e.g. after veterinary autopsy and boiled in several waters in a pot under the lid), which died of themselves on principle of old age, III. ÚS 1793/20, it is in the English language with google translator:

htm , pdf

Note: Jewish opinion of judge-rapporteur Jiří Zemánek, president of the concerned senates of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in relation to Jewish racial persecution of Kristina Colloredo-Mansfeld in case III. ÚS 1283/17 also in the case of my above mentioned Orthodox anti-Jewish constitutional complaint in Czech and English language with google translator: htm , pdf

My articles-2-outside my books-after death of my dog Good on 27.06.2021-Philosophy of Balance-Party for the Rights of All Living Creatures-manual.

December 10,2020 The ban on free sale of medically guaranteed carrions is unconstitutional. According to Article 18 (9) of Regulation of European Union 2017/625 within the Member States, and newly in Slovakia (see here), this can now be changed by constitutional complaints by individuals proposing to repeal national legal provisions with that ban (see HERE ) and thus to avert civil wars of the far right and communists due to Islamic conquest of Europe;

December 9, 2020 I really do not hope, that Joe Biden is better than Donald Trump thus averting a possible atomic third world war of civilizations. However, if Joe Biden becomes president of the most powerful Western power, then he will need to be given a 100-day chance. I.e. if, in these first 100 days of his term, Joe Biden 1) substantially helps animals in factory farms, 2) substantially reduces abortions, 3) substantially helps Palestinians, 4) substantially helps the poor people (in USA especially the African Americans).;

November 30, 2020 Contemporary Anti-Western and Anti-Jewish popular Islamic apocalyptic literature with references to the Koran as a justification for a possible future (atomic) third world war of civilizations, or possible future Islamic terrorist attacks with atomic weapons as revenge of Muslims for modern Western military policy in the Islamic world;

November 28, 2020 When will all persuaded predatory people, i.e. persuaded Darwinists, persuaded Jews etc. (they do not believe in charity, Biblical miracles did not help) start eating carrions? Possibly because of the apocalypse.;

November 26, 2020 In Denmark, 17 million mostly healthy minks were  unmercifully preventively killed because of coronavirus. See HERE : Norci utracení kvůli zmutovanému koronaviru vylézají ze země,, 26.11.2020, Tomáš Andres Skoupý, Novinky;

November 19, 2020 Czech President Miloš Zeman signed Act No. 501/2020 Coll. amending the Czech Act on the Protection of Animals against Cruelty banning the cage breeding of hens from 2027 and the dressage of some animals in circuses. The ban on the cage breeding of hens is already in force in neighboring Germany and Austria, for example. See HERE (: Poslanci zakázali klecový chov slepic od roku 2027 i drezuru v cirkusech, 16.9.2020, Author Josef Kopecký, and HERE : Zákon č. 501/2020 Sb. Zákon, kterým se mění zákon č. 246/1992 Sb., na ochranu zvířat proti týrání ...,, © AION CS, s.r.o. 2010-2020 | Pracuje na systému AToM3;

November 7, 2020 About contemporary presidential elections in the USA - dictatorship or democracy, eating of carrions and possibly a radical Islamic (atomic) third world war;

November 3, 2020 In relation to the recent Muslim assassinations and the possible radical Islamic (atomic) war of civilizations;

November 1, 2020 About artificial abortion laws;

September 18, 2020 The Polish parliament approved an amendment to the law on animal protection, which bans fur farms. Poland is now one of the largest producers of fur. The same was approved by the Czech Parliament in 2017, and since January 2019, fur farms have completely disappeared from the Czech Republic. See HERE : Polsko zakázalo kožešinové farmy, příště zakáže i klece,, 18.09.2020, Author Ivo Krajc;

August 15, 2020 An inaccurate Czech rabbinical translation of the Bible about the obligation for not-Jews to eat carrions, orthodox Jews are possibly snakes;

August 10, 2020 And what about future (in relation to the above-mentioned decision of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic on the illegalization of the sale of medically guaranteed carrions);

July 23, 2020 Above mentioned DECISION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT de facto legitimizes contemporary murders of tens of millions of farm animals for each month also in the territory of the Czech Republic;

July 16, 2020 I propose to call "private international law" as "statutory conflict international law" and "public international law" as "non-conflict international law";

June 30, 2020 Today, my lawyer filed the above-mentioned constitutional complaint with the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic with a proposal on how to resolve animal slavery;

June 12, 2020 I will file a constitutional complaint against refusal of the Town of Hustopeče to rent me market place for sale of fresh meat of poultry carrions after veterinary autopsy;

May 17, 2020 Application to rent one market place at market in Hustopeče for sale in small quantities of unprocessed after veterinary autopsy fresh meat of poultry carrions;

April 9, 2020 Coronavirus (disease 2019) - COVID 2019 Pope Francis says pandemic can be a ‘place of conversion;
March 20, 2020 Coronavirus (disease 2019) - COVID 2019 “In the center of (Chinese) Wuhan is a laboratory for the study of deadly viruses torturing animals;

March 20, 2020 Coronavirus (disease 2019) - COVID 2019 German television praises coronavirus COVID-19 … planet will be green;

March 3, 2020 The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic approved the below mentioned amendment to the Criminal Code regarding animal cruelty with a crime of intentional breeding of animals in unsuitable conditions with ten-year imprisonment;
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